2016 Grand Island Nature Photo Contest Winners

  1. Managing Director
    1st Place-Mammals
    Photo by Willis Schwartz
  2. Managing Director
    2nd Place-Mammals
    Photo by John Thomas
  3. Managing Director
    3rd Place-Mammals
    Photo by Paul Leuchner
  4. Managing Director
    1st Place-Trees/Plants/Flowers
    Photo by John Thomas (Purple Trillium)
  5. Managing Director
    2nd Place-Trees/Plants/Flowers
    Photo by Jen Gast (Lightning Strike Tree)
  6. Managing Director
    3rd Place-Trees/Plants/Flowers
    Photo by Sandra Watkins (Red Tree)
  7. Managing Director
    1st Place-Reptiles/Amphibians
    Photo by John Thomas
  8. Managing Director
    2nd Place-Reptiles/Amphibians
    Photo by Willis Schwartz (Eastern Garter Snake)
  9. Managing Director
    3rd Place-Reptiles/Amphibians
    Photo by Paul Leuchner
  10. Managing Director
    1st Place-Insects
    Photo by John Thomas (Tiger Swallowtail)
  11. Managing Director
    2nd Place-Insects
    Photo by Willis Schwartz (Crab Spider)
  12. Managing Director
    3rd Place-Insects
    Photo by Alice Gerard
  13. Managing Director
    1st Place-Birds
    Photo by Willis Schwartz (Baltimore Orioles)
  14. Managing Director
    2nd Place-Birds
    Photo by John Thomas (Green Heron)
  15. Managing Director
    3rd Place-Birds
    Mary Stewart (Gray Heron)
Thank you to everyone who participated and voted

Beginning October, 2016, residents were invited to enter their nature pictures taken on Grand Island into the 1st Annual Nature Photo Contest.  There were many submissions in each of the five categories of the contest—mammals; birds; insects; reptiles and amphibians; and trees, plants and flowers.  Participants shared their photographic talents and captured the beauty of the Grand Island wildlife and environment. From December 3 through December 17, photo submissions were displayed in the community for citizens to view and to vote on their favorites. 

The top winners received prizes and every entrant received an appreciation gift.  The Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and Environment thanks everyone for their interest and participation in the Grand Island Nature Photo Contest.  The Grand Island Nike Base Community Center, Golden Age Center, and Pizza Amore were all gracious hosts for displaying the photographs and the community exhibited a great response and turnout for the photo viewing and voting.  The beauty of the species and habitats of Grand Island was evident in all the photos and Island residents are fortunate to live in such a rich natural environment.   The photography and the contest can inspire Grand Island residents to seek out and appreciate the incredibly diverse and beautiful species that inhabit the Island and to recognize that there are non-invasive, respectful ways to capture that beauty for all to share.